Dr. Charles van Riper III

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
USGS Research Scientist Emeritus  

Sonoran Desert Research Station
125 Biological Sciences East ~ University of Arizona ~Tucson, AZ 85721-125
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Ombudsman Assignment

On 23 August 1994, Dr H. Ronald Pulliam, Director of the National Biological Service (NBS), named Charles van Riper III to the position as first NBS Ombudsman.  The ombudsman was designed as a rotating position, that served as an ear and a voice in Washington, for scientists and staff in the field. Dr. Pulliam stated his hope "that the NBS Ombudsmen can be creative problem solvers and not just complaint investigators. . . .I want the Ombudsmen to find out what the problems are and offer realistic solutions to those problems."
Dr. van Riper formed an Ombudsmen Committee of six former National Park Service (NPS) scientists. The committee members were asked to concentrate on issues concerning former NPS scientists who were transferred to the NBS, in particular the following issues:
Technical and Administrative Support
Communication with Former Agencies

Products produced by this assignment were published and widely circulated among Department of Interior agencies.  The main product, commonly referred to as the 'Van Riper White Paper,' served as the template for several national funding efforts (e.g., Park Orientated Research Program -PORP) that still exist today within the Department of the Interior.


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