Dr. Charles van Riper III

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
USGS Research Scientist Emeritus  

Sonoran Desert Research Station
125 Biological Sciences East ~ University of Arizona ~Tucson, AZ 85721-125
(520) 626-7027 ~ (520) 670-5100 fax ~ (520) 491-0721 call

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2007 ST Research Ecologist - Dept. of Interior
2006 George B. Fell Award for Lifetime Achievement
2006 Fellow – American Ornithologists’ Union
2004 Certificate of Excellence – Scientific Information Work Group, Southwest Strategy
2003 Fellow – Arizona Arts, Science and Technology Academy
2002 Certificate of Excellence, Northern Arizona University
2000 Fellow – AAAS
2000 Elected Commissioner, National Recreation & Park Assoc.
2000 Northern Arizona University, Outstanding Service Award
1999 Selected for the ‘Federal Executive Institute;’ Class No. 254
1999 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 20th Century
1995 Arizona/Nevada Academy of Sciences
1995 National Biological Service - Special Merit Award
1994 Man of the Year - American Biographical Institute
1994 Ombudsman - National Biological Survey
1993 Honorary Member - Cooper Ornithological Society
1991 NPS Director's Award for Science in the National Park Service
1990 National Park Service Western Regional Directors Natural Resources Award
1988 International Leaders in Achievement (England)
1986 Elected to The Explorers Club
1984 Elected to Phi Si - Scientific Honorary Society
1982 Elective Member of the American Ornithologists' Union
1980 US Fish and Wildlife Service Special Merit Award
1979 American Men and Women of Science
1977 Recipient of the outstanding student paper presentation at the Second Annual A. Testor Memorial Symposium
1977 Elected to membership in Sigma Xi; promoted to full membership in 1982


2006-09 ($180,000) Neotropical migrant birds and stable hydrogen isotopes
2005-07 ($17,500) A synthesis of information along the Lower Colorado River corridor
2004-06 ($45,000) Neotropical migrant bird use of habitat along the Colorado River corridor
2002-04 ($56,000) Influence of fire on bird communities in Pinyon Juniper Habitat
2002-03 ($20,000) Neotropical migrant birds in the Mexico, Colorado River Delta
2001-02 ($20,000) Influence of native/introduced plants on Colorado River neotropical migrant birds.
2000-01 ($25,000) Pronghorn antelope response to removal of movement barriers in northeastern Arizona
1999-01 ($30,000) Neotropical migrant birds in the Mexico, Colorado River Delta
1999-00 ($69,000) Development of user access to Yellow-billed Cuckoo data from Arizona
1999-02 ($128,500) Habitat use by Mexican Spotted Owls in Escalante NM (with David Willey)
1998-00 ($37,500) State-wide survey of Yellow-billed Cuckoo in Arizona
1998-03 ($500,000) Neotropical migrant bird use of the Colorado River corridor
1996-00 ($64,200) Neotropical migrant bird habitat use along the Colorado River corridor
1995-99 ($274,000)Neotropical migrant bird, habitat associations and GIS research along the Colorado River corridor
1993-96 ($79,000) Pronghorn homerange parameters in Northeastern Arizona
1992-95 ($109,434) Programmatic Research of Multiple Resource Inventories at Montezuma Castle/Well National Monuments
1991-92 ($88,400) Habitat use by Mexican Spotted Owls on the Colorado Plateau (with David Willey)
1990-94 ($43,590) Avian Community Ecology of Montezuma Castle National Monument
1990-94 ($30,000) Mexican Spotted Owl survey on the Colorado Plateau. (With David Willey
1990-92 ($109,893) Bald Eagle/Trout Interactions on the Colorado River (with Lynn Montgomery)
1988-89 ($10,000) Conservation Strategies: Effects of Size and Isolation on California State and National Parks and Resulting Species Composition (with J. Quinn).
1987-90 ($66,000) The population dynamics of Santa Rosa Island land birds.
1986-90 ($102,000) A survey of Great Gray Owls in the greater Yosemite region.
1986-88 ($48,000) Avian Community Structure of the Mill and Deer Creek Drainages in Northern California. (with P. Moyle)
1985-89 ($90,974) The impacts of visitors on Great Grey Owls in Yosemite National Park.
1985-87 ($12,030) Policy Analysis of Whiskeytown NRA Carrying Capacity. (with S. Schwartz).
1985-86 ($15,500) Effective refuge sizes: testing the SLOSS controversy. (with J. Quinn).
1984-85 ($15,132) A study of conservation strategies: effects of refuge size. (with J. Quinn)
1983-86 ($66,000) Avian Community Structure at Pinnacles National Monument.
1982-86 ($46,000) Channel Islands land bird research.
1981-83 ($50,000) A survey of Peregrine Falcons in Yosemite National Park.
1981-82 ($12,000) An energy budget of the endangered Palila in Hawaii.
1980-81 ($7,168) National Geographic Society Grant.
1980-81 ($8,000) Extension of Grant OMR?79?CP20
1980 ($8,000) National Park Service Contract CX 8000?80?6.
1980 ($2,488) The Opportunity Program for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology Grant (with W. E. Weathers).
1981 1979?80 ($36,543) Office of Manpower Resources Grant OMR?79?CP20
1979 ($150) Sigma Xi research grant (with W. E. Evenson).
1979 ($l,000) The Frank M. Chapman Memorial Fund Research Grant, American Museum of Natural History, New York.
1979 ($8,540) The World Wildlife Fund Research Grant
1978-80 ($30,000) The Center for Field Research, Belmont, Massachusetts, Research Grant.
1978 ($450) The Hawaii Audubon Society Research Grant
1977-80 ($118,194) University of Hawaii, U.S.D.I. Research Grant, Contract CX 8000 70009.
1976 ($2,163) World Wildlife Fund, US Appeal Section, Research Grant Extension awarded to Grant US?35.
1976 ($500) The Frank M. Chapman Memorial Fund Research Grant, American Museum of Natural History, New York.
1974-75 ($4,014) World Wildlife Fund, Morges, Switzerland, Research Grant US?3.
1974 ($l,000) Hawaii Volcanoes Natural History Association Research Grant.
1974 ($4,000) Research Assistantship for National Science Foundation Grant GB?23230 awarded to A. J. Berger.
1974 ($500) The Hawaii Audubon Society Research Grant.
1973 ($400) The Frank M. Chapman Memorial Fund Research Grant, American Museum of Natural History, New York.
1973 ($845) The International Council for Bird Preservation Research Grant.
1973 ($500) The McInerny Foundation Research Grant.
1972 ($500) Hawaii Audubon Society Research Fellowship.

Professional Assignments
2006 – USGS Science Strategy Team
2006 – USGS Avian Influenza WR Science Team
2006 – USGS PART Advisory Group
2006 – Department of Interior – Border Strategy Team
2006 Acting Center Director, Southwest Biological Science Center
2005 – Editor – Journal of Wildlife Diseases Book Reviews
2003 – Board Member, Sonoran Joint Venture
2002-03 Develop West Nile Virus Research strategy for the USGS and the NWHC Madison, WI
1999-04 Board Member, Society for Conservation Biology, Colorado Plateau Chapter
1998-04 Chairman - Southwest Strategy (DOI/DOA/DOD), Scientific Information Work Group
1998 - P Budget and Investment Board - Wildlife Disease Association
1997 - P Editorial Board - Wildlife Disease Association; Journal of Wildlife Diseases
1995-99 Chair, American Ornithologists' Union Membership Committee
1995-97 NPS/NBS/USGS National Coordination Committee
1994-96 Ombudsman for the National Biological Survey
1991-99 American Ornithologists' Union Membership Committee
1991-99 National Park Service Director’s Resource Management and Science Task Force
1990-95 Western Region National Park Service Natural Resources and Research Advisory Group
1989-97 National Park Service Editorial Board
1988-90 Wildlife Disease Association Membership Committee
1987-97 National Park Service Publications Task Force
1986-91 Assistant Editor, Journal of Wildlife Diseases
1986?88 Board of Directors, Cooper Ornithological Society
1985?87 Chairman for American Ornithologists' Union committee on Career Opportunities in Ornithology
1982?88 Appointed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a member of the Peregrine Falcon Recovery Team for the Western US (State Member for Arizona 1989-present)
1980-83 Chairman, Cooper Ornithological Society Publication Committee
1979?80 Regional Representative for Hawaii to the National Wildlife Society
1976-77 Vice President, Hawaii Audubon Society
1974-95 Palila Endangered Species Recovery Team (Hawaii)


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