Dr. Charles van Riper III

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
USGS Research Scientist Emeritus  

Sonoran Desert Research Station
125 Biological Sciences East ~ University of Arizona ~Tucson, AZ 85721-125
(520) 626-7027 ~ (520) 670-5100 fax ~ (520) 491-0721 call

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Quijada-Mascareñas, A., C. van Riper III, D. James, L. Lopez-Hoffman, C. Sharp, R. Gimblett, M. L. Scott, L. M. Norman, R. Medellin, J. B. Callegary, R. List, C. Wallace, P. Holm, E. Glenn, J. Leenhouts, T. Esque, M. Culver, R. Webb, R. Steidl, M. Villarreal, W. Lackner, R. Castillo-Gamez, and G. Ceballos. 2014.  An ecosystem level approach for developing an environmental monitoring program for the US/Mexico Border Region.  P 165-185. In: de la Parra C.A., A. Córdova & E. Peters (Eds) The Border Wall: Venues, mechanisms and stakeholders for a constructive dialogue between the United States and Mexico. INE/El Colegio de la Frontera Norte, Mexico (in English).


van Riper, C., III. (In review) .  FOUNDATIONS OF WILDLIFE DISEASES. by Richard G. Botzler and Richard N. Brown.  University of California Press, Oakland, CA 94612.  August 2014.  429 pp., (Book Review Journal of Wildlife Diseases 51 (1): XX-XX


van Riper, C., III, and S. Knick. (Tentatively Accepted and In Revision). Biotic and abiotic influences on avian disease transmission in Hawaii. Auk


van Riper, C., III, and M. B. Lester. (2016 – 2016 - Accepted and In Revision). Changing levels of heavy metal accumulation in birds at Tumacacori National Historic Park along the Upper Santa Cruz watershed in southern Arizona. Proceedings of the George Wright Society. Pp.xxx-xxx, In: Rethinking Protected Areas in a Changing World:  Proceedings of the 2015 GWS Biennial Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites (S. Weber, Ed.). The George Wright Society, Hancock, MI. pp XXX.



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