Dr. Charles van Riper III

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
USGS Research Scientist Emeritus  

Sonoran Desert Research Station
125 Biological Sciences East ~ University of Arizona ~Tucson, AZ 85721-125
(520) 626-7027 ~ (520) 670-5100 fax ~ (520) 491-0721 call

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Publications In Preparation

  1. Johnson, G. E. and C. van Riper III.  (In Preparation).  Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Nest Records and Implications for Nesting Potential at the Southernmost Extent of Their Present Breeding Distribution. 


  1. Johnson, G. E., C. van Riper III and A. Flesch.  (In Preparation).  The influence of beaver on southwestern Arizona birds.  


  1. Kellermann, J., and C. van Riper III. (In Prep).  Spatial temporal and phenological patterns of bird migration and the influence of climate and disturbance in the Madrean Sky Island archipelago and North American Southwest.  USGS Open File Report (submitted May 2013).


  1. van Riper, C., III, C., O’Brien, and C. A. Drost.  (In Preparation).  Two helminths in a novel amphipod host: Little evidence for parasite manipulation of host behavior.  


  1. van Riper, C., III, C., O’Brien, and C. A. Drost.  (In Preparation).  The influence of visitor activities on spatial levels of parasite infection at MOWE national park.


  1. 6.      van Riper, C. III, and A. Darrah. (In Preparation).  Avian community and vegetation structure relationships within pinyon-juniper woodlands on the Colorado Plateau.  


  1. van Riper, C. III, and L. A. Ellison.  (In Preparation).  Disease as a driving force in a mark-recapture analysis of the California Scrub Jay. 
  1. van Riper, C., III., R. H. Webb, , K. A. Howard, P. Nagler, E. Glen, P. Shafroth, , and Daniel Moyenahan.  (In Preparation).  The state of resources on the Lower Colorado River.  









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