Dr. Charles van Riper III

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
USGS Research Scientist Emeritus  

Sonoran Desert Research Station
125 Biological Sciences East ~ University of Arizona ~Tucson, AZ 85721-125
(520) 626-7027 ~ (520) 670-5100 fax ~ (520) 491-0721 call

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D. A. Publications In Review 


 O’Brien, C., A. D.  Flesch, E. Wallace, M. Bogan, S. E. Carrillo-Percástegui, S. Jacobs, and C. van Riper III.  (In Press 2009).  Biological inventory of the Rio Aros, Sonora, Mexico: A river unknown.  USGS OFR 2008-xxxx. US Geological Survey, Southwest Biological Science Center, Sonoran Desert Research Station, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. 59 pp.  

van Riper, C., III, and S. Knick. (Tentatively Accepted and In Revision).  Biotic and abiotic influences on avian disease transmission in Hawaii. Auk.  



  1. Hatten, James R., J. Tomasz Giermakowski,  Jennifer A. Holmes, Erika M. Nowak, Matthew J. Johnson, Kirsten Ironside, Charles van Riper III, Michael Peters, Charles Truettner, and Kenneth L. Cole  (In Preparation-Sept 2015).  Projecting Effects of Climate on Bird and Reptile Ranges in Western USA.


    Kellermann, J., and C. van Riper III. Spatial and phenological patterns of bird migration in response to interannual climatic variation and ENSO. Ecography (Nov 2015)


    McCreedy, C. and C. van Riper III. Submitted (October 2015).  Fire and birds at Kofa NWR. (rejected Condor – then to: Journal of Field Biology – Nov 2015).


    van Riper, C., III, and S. L. Puckett. Submitted (Nov 2015). Influences of the Tamarisk Leaf Beetle (Diorhabda carinulata) on Bird Diets along the Dolores River in Southwestern Colorado USA.  (rejected Condor Oct 2015– back to Condor Feb 2016-then to: Journal of Field Biology)



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