Dr. Charles van Riper III

Professor, School of Natural Resources and the Environment
USGS Research Scientist Emeritus  

Sonoran Desert Research Station
125 Biological Sciences East ~ University of Arizona ~Tucson, AZ 85721-125
(520) 626-7027 ~ (520) 670-5100 fax ~ (520) 491-0721 call

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1998 Yellow-billed Cuckoo Survey Sites

Drainage Site Name County
Bill Williams River Bill Williams River NWR La Paz, Mohave
Alamo Lake – Browns X-ing La Paz, Mohave
Big Sandy River Alamo Lake – Big Sandy arm Mohave
Santa Maria River Alamo Lake – Santa Maria arm La Paz, Mohave
Santa Maria at SR 96 Yavapai
Santa Maria SW of US 93 Yavapai
Santa Maria Rd. Yavapai
Colorado River

Imperial County RD 260 Imperial (CA)
Yuma Yuma
Little Colorado River St. Johns Apache
Upper Verde River Stewart Ranch Yavapai
Middle Verde River Sycamore Canyon   Yavapai
Tapco Yavapai
Tavasci Marsh Yavapai
SR 260 Bridge Yavapai
Lower Verde River Clear Creek Confluence Yavapai
Verde Hot Spring Yavapai
Tangle Creek Yavapai
Sycamore Creek Yavapai
Horseshoe Reservoir Maricopa
Beaver Creek Wet Beaver Creek Yavapai
Dry Beaver Creek Yavapai
Red Tank Draw Yavapai
Montezuma Castle NM Yavapai
Montezuma Well Yavapai
Oak Creek Upper Oak Creek Coconino
Midgley Bridge Coconino
Red Rock State Park Coconino
West Clear Creek Clear Cr. Campground Yavapai
Granite Creek Watson Woods Yavapai
Granite Creek Yavapai
San Pedro River HWY 98 Cochise
Lewis Springs Cochise
Charleston Cochise
Contention Ruins Cochise
Gila River Goodyear Butte Maricopa
91st Ave. east Maricopa
115th-123rd Ave. Maricopa
San Francisco River Blue River confluence   Greenlee
Martinez Ranch Greenlee
Clifton – upstream Greenlee
Blue River Fritz Ranch – downstream Greenlee
Fritz Ranch – upstream Greenlee
Tonto Basin Roosevelt Lk. Upper inlet Gila
Roosevelt Lk. Middle inlet Gila
Roosevelt Lk. Lower inlet Gila
Arivaca Creek Buenos Aries NWR Pima
Arivaca Cienega Ponds Pima
Cienega Creek Empire Ranch Pima
Lower Cienega Cr. Pima
Upper Cienega Cr. Pima
Patagonia Lake Outflow Santa Cruz
Inlet   Santa Cruz
Sonoita Creek Patagonia Lake inflow Santa Cruz
Patagonia-Sonoita TNC Santa Cruz
Turkey Creek Canelo Ranger Station Santa Cruz
O’Donnell Creek Ewing Ranch Santa Cruz
California Gulch Ruby Santa Cruz





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